Friday, March 21, 2014

Ethereal Love

You must have known
that I was dying from the lack
of you,
That you existed only
in the ethereal cords that spun
from my core like candy floss,
Dancing like sea waves tossing
themselves upon a breeze,
You must have known that I was
Eyes glued to your translucent,
glorious face and darkened eyes,
Watching you form in my mind
Knowing in your mind that you
could never come to stay,
Could never suck at the same air as I,
Knowing we would never drink
in a gorgeous summers day like wine,
Intoxicated and infuriated with a maddened
sense of glee,
Lips and tongues spitting
the fire of brilliance like
I had always hoped,
You must have known,
& you must have known that I
would have stayed, there, in
Wonderland with you,
body rotting away to ash,
Until there was nothing left
of me in the physical realm,
Until I was ethereal, too,

For one fine day, as I gazed upon you while
my body was being broken in the
physical realms,
You grabbed the cord, smiled at me,
and sliced us apart,
& I screamed as this realm sucked me
back down into hell,
To the room where they told me you could
never come to stay,
To the room where my body, and spirit,
lay broken for a long time,
But, you must have known,

Some days I swear I hear you,
feel you,
sense you,
& I try to touch you with my
talismans, but,
they never do reach you,
wherever you are,

I am alive,
not okay,
but alive,

But I'm sure you already know...