Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Deep within this silent place,
Where the voices still talk but the thoughts don't race,
A sense of peaceful calm floats over me,
A nice little pill called Thorazine,
Anxiety was killing my patience and mind,
So they gave me a drug that would treat me so kind,
Now from reality I'm finally free,
Thanks to my lovely Thorazine,
I used to be creative, I used to be wry,
I used to actually laugh and sometimes I'd cry,
I used to have somewhat of a personality,
But that's all gone thanks to Thorazine,
I can admire the world from my little park bench,
I owe it to the bitches at Smith, Kline and French,
My life is now just an unlivable dream,
Now that they've put me on Thorazine,
So if you would like to lose you self respect, humour and light,
Just get on this pill and everything will be alright,
You'll love being a dummy with no human emotion, you see,
And you too can owe your stupefaction to Thorazine

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Graveyard Goodbye

Pale-faced and empty-eyed,
I watched you muddle through your life,
The day-to-day was growing old,
Complacency had filled your bones,
That slowly clinked and clanged together,
Beneath the skin you loved to sever,
The bluish-grey of that rainy morning,
Had come too fast with too little warning,
When they told me you had gone away,
To another place to permanently stay,
Your pale face now cold as winter's ice,
Your empty eyes no longer showing life,
What's it like where you have gone?
Does the sun like to shine all day long?
Or is it a velveteen soft black sleep?
How does it feel to never need to weep?
Do you think of me at any point in your day?
Or have you forgotten us all from this place?
I miss your voice softly laced with sorrow,
Or how I could say "I'll see you tomorrow,"
Instead I say "Goodbye" to you,
As I stand over this casket of indigo blue,
That cradles your body in darkness and sleep,
I, being the one, who stands here to weep,
Stay low my dear, tread soft and light,
I'll love you forever, goodnight, goodnight

Monday, July 5, 2010

Plastic Prison

Somebody can you help me cuz I feel a little spent,
I've left myself again and I don't know where I went,
I ran into the blackness of the night in this drug-town city,
The pills they prescribed have failed to fill me,
I took my medicine with a spoonful of sugar like Mama said,
Felt fine when it went down and now I see instead,
That I've lost my freedom to a medicine bottle of sedating black magic,
That they tossed into my lap when I was wreaking too much havoc,
I've ripped the bones from beneath my filthy skin,
Trying to rid myself of all these bastardly sins,
That confound my brain in its drug-addicted haze,
Tell me, don't you get sick of being the rat in this maze?
They've pumped us full of pills & as far as I can see,
If they could they'd make us all walk around with IV's,
They just want us quiet and out of sight, out of mind,
As though we're delinquents who've committed some crime,
And they've made us a prison with a child-proofed cap,
A little orange bottle filled with a legal kind of smack,
That stupefies the mind and confuses the brain,
They've given us a label: "mentally insane",
Well three cheers for revenge of the sneakiest kind,
That drops into your stomach and snatches you from behind,
We'll never escape this black widow's web,
Oh it's 3pm, time to take our meds

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Switching Identities

Hey I hate to bother you but could we trade places for a day?
So I can have my chance in life to obsess over shades of pink and grey,
You could see what its like to be insane in the brain,
& I can enjoy the small things like the smell of rain,
Your breakfast can be a handful of pills - red and green,
Have fun hallucinating and try not to scream,
You'll drool on yourself at some point, I'm sure,
Oh don't worry about the shaking, for that there's no cure,
I'll head off to this regular life,
No now don't do that, put down that knife,
No cutting or cursing, no overdosing or suicide,
You get to suffer all day, besides, I never got to die,
Now I'm off to work your job and enjoy what you can do,
Without having to take a Vistaril or two,
Now you stay here in this house all afternoon and night,
I'll be back by morning light,
No you can't go out and have fun with the world,
Can't you see I'm not that kind of girl?
Today I am you and you are me,
Now you are going to see,
What it's like to live in the prison of my mind,
Have fun being depressed and falling behind,
If you get manic or crazy, no shopping spree's are allowed,
At least you'll be happy, you'll be floating on clouds,
Now sit here and babble until tomorrow comes around,
Try not to crawl and froth at the mouth,
Bedtime's at 10 and your meds are at 9,
I'll see you later, I'm off to have a good time!