Monday, July 5, 2010

Plastic Prison

Somebody can you help me cuz I feel a little spent,
I've left myself again and I don't know where I went,
I ran into the blackness of the night in this drug-town city,
The pills they prescribed have failed to fill me,
I took my medicine with a spoonful of sugar like Mama said,
Felt fine when it went down and now I see instead,
That I've lost my freedom to a medicine bottle of sedating black magic,
That they tossed into my lap when I was wreaking too much havoc,
I've ripped the bones from beneath my filthy skin,
Trying to rid myself of all these bastardly sins,
That confound my brain in its drug-addicted haze,
Tell me, don't you get sick of being the rat in this maze?
They've pumped us full of pills & as far as I can see,
If they could they'd make us all walk around with IV's,
They just want us quiet and out of sight, out of mind,
As though we're delinquents who've committed some crime,
And they've made us a prison with a child-proofed cap,
A little orange bottle filled with a legal kind of smack,
That stupefies the mind and confuses the brain,
They've given us a label: "mentally insane",
Well three cheers for revenge of the sneakiest kind,
That drops into your stomach and snatches you from behind,
We'll never escape this black widow's web,
Oh it's 3pm, time to take our meds


  1. WOW!! I think this is the best I have seen you write in a super long time! Excellent. I can just imagine all of us crazy freaks walking around with IV's. My new medicine has created just another watered down version of me...

  2. Yeah mine too. Don't you hate it? Lol.