Saturday, July 3, 2010

Switching Identities

Hey I hate to bother you but could we trade places for a day?
So I can have my chance in life to obsess over shades of pink and grey,
You could see what its like to be insane in the brain,
& I can enjoy the small things like the smell of rain,
Your breakfast can be a handful of pills - red and green,
Have fun hallucinating and try not to scream,
You'll drool on yourself at some point, I'm sure,
Oh don't worry about the shaking, for that there's no cure,
I'll head off to this regular life,
No now don't do that, put down that knife,
No cutting or cursing, no overdosing or suicide,
You get to suffer all day, besides, I never got to die,
Now I'm off to work your job and enjoy what you can do,
Without having to take a Vistaril or two,
Now you stay here in this house all afternoon and night,
I'll be back by morning light,
No you can't go out and have fun with the world,
Can't you see I'm not that kind of girl?
Today I am you and you are me,
Now you are going to see,
What it's like to live in the prison of my mind,
Have fun being depressed and falling behind,
If you get manic or crazy, no shopping spree's are allowed,
At least you'll be happy, you'll be floating on clouds,
Now sit here and babble until tomorrow comes around,
Try not to crawl and froth at the mouth,
Bedtime's at 10 and your meds are at 9,
I'll see you later, I'm off to have a good time!


  1. Excellent! I can completely picture this. I love the "shades of pink". Hey, girl, you know we will get our day. I mean we actually may only get one to enjoy the scent of rain, but I would trade all my days of insanity for one normal day of the person who takes it for granted.

  2. Me too. I would trade everything just to feel normal.