Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Deep within this silent place,
Where the voices still talk but the thoughts don't race,
A sense of peaceful calm floats over me,
A nice little pill called Thorazine,
Anxiety was killing my patience and mind,
So they gave me a drug that would treat me so kind,
Now from reality I'm finally free,
Thanks to my lovely Thorazine,
I used to be creative, I used to be wry,
I used to actually laugh and sometimes I'd cry,
I used to have somewhat of a personality,
But that's all gone thanks to Thorazine,
I can admire the world from my little park bench,
I owe it to the bitches at Smith, Kline and French,
My life is now just an unlivable dream,
Now that they've put me on Thorazine,
So if you would like to lose you self respect, humour and light,
Just get on this pill and everything will be alright,
You'll love being a dummy with no human emotion, you see,
And you too can owe your stupefaction to Thorazine

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