Friday, August 6, 2010


The needle-sharp pinprick of pain pushes its way into my brain,
Veins burning at the sensation of the sound of voices that berate me into submission,
A struggle, the rape of my innermost silent place where I hide from you,
Trying to remain locked away in my safe world where you dare not tread until it's time,
Time to teach me another lesson in the ways of addiction
You grip my ankles with such force that I am stuck in place,
As though I have been captured by quicksand in the dark,
Tears burning hot paths down my face and throat as I realize once again that you've come,
Come to bury your poison beneath my ivory flesh,
That burns so hot from the venom that you've injected into my body that I fear I will melt away,
Bubbling down into a tiny pool of humanity that turns sticky with ugliness,
Slow and slower still, over a period of days your disease creeps like a thief in the night,
From my ankles to my heart that explodes in a vast array of fiery hues of red and black,
Heart pounding from the withdrawl-like symptoms that make me sick and feverish,
I find myself wretching into the porcelain goddess, sweating and smelling of vomit,
Resisting to the death, your will that threatens to consume my own,
And more days pass slow and painful, like a cancer patient awaiting their final breath,
Until your infection reaches my brain where you take over my will and wants,
Placing the razor to my veins, I give in just one more time to you,
While you lay, so callously, rotting beneath the surface of my skin

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