Thursday, August 19, 2010


A single thread of brown,
Weaving in and out of my lips,
Keeping me locked away from sound,
Tightening me in its grips,

Stitching up my mouth so I,
Am not able to speak anymore,
Yet I can still dance the night away,
Out on this blood-soaked dance floor,

Information plugged into me,
As though I am an empty socket,
Download the information given,
Kept secret as though in a locket,

Wrists bound with duct tape,
Can't move, can't speak, can't breathe,
Every motion poised to perfection,
While deep inside I seethe,

Watched by cameras all around,
I know you're watching me,
Waiting for the moment to come,
Where I am not what I appear to be,

But that moment will never come you see,
For I am the ragdoll held together well,
By stitching that winds around me,
So bitch, you can go to hell


  1. "So bitch, you can go to hell" has got to be my favorite line! This is excellent. I am happy to see you writing again. :)