Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Can't you hear the voices?
Is it really only me?
Don't you hear the whispers?
Don't you hear the screams?
"Cut yourself," they tell me,
"Bleed so you can be free,"
"Split the veins beneath the epidermis,"
"Join us in eternity,"
They call me from the great beyond,
Where I know that I should reside,
I shouldn't have lasted in this life this long,
By now I should have died,
I should have taken the final jump,
From a tower high above,
I should have slit my wrists with blades,
In a hot, water-filled bathtub,
The bottles of death that sit upon my desk,
Should have been emptied down my throat,
The rope that lays in the garage, you see,
Should have already made me choke,
So these voices call me to them,
Scream and wake me up at night,
To wake from slumber and overdose,
So I can be gone by morning's light,
But my Dr. tells me otherwise,
Tells me the med's will make me alright,
But I know better, by now, you know,
I know they only make me lose sight,
Of the truth I know to be reality,
The truth that keeps me bound,
By my wrists and by my ankles,
I shouldn't be around,
I should be gone away with them,
Into the realm, whatever comes next,
I know they're slowly winning,
I know that I am hexed,
So one more pill to stop the screams,
One more cut to stick the blame,
Upon my shoulders where it belongs,
Hoping someday I'll be sane


  1. I love this one!! It is sad, but so true sometimes how we live in our state of mind is less than we would like. You know we both are pretty much the same, not sure if that is good or bad, lol. I love you to pieces so don't do anything stupid without me!!

  2. Haha - I wont! Bring on the bottles of French Wine and Vodka! LOL! I loves ya!