Wednesday, June 9, 2010


From beneath the thick, velvet blackness,
Came a dot of sparkling, effervescent white,
So small at first, then slowly building, like an orgasm,
A supernova of the mental stability in my mind,
This brilliant blinding light,
As if I had made a bed beneath the surface of the sun,
It's rays, the recalcitrant sheets that wind around my body,
Blistering my sanity and boiling down my judgement,
Into a black and charred oil, cooked too long and perfumed like mania,
I am bubbling at the highest concentration of myself,
Fiery orange and red flick like flaming tongues from my sockets,
Eyes melting away into nothing,
I am glittering and burning alive like Alice in her Wonderland,
This intoxicating acid trip in my mind has rendered me unconscious to reality,
The world now nothing but high-frequency sounds and vibrations,
That shake me to my core, as the secrets of life wind,
Like tiny tendrils within my soul and become as clear to me,
As the crystalline creatures in my dream world where I now spin,
Madly out of control until the sickeningly sweet chemical of silence,
Is injected into my dry rotting veins and I am given a healthy dose of reality yet again,
Ah how sweet it is, this manic madness that adores to torment me...

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