Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Overdose on Emptiness

"I'll take one cause I needed to feel it so much. I had an emotional crutch, but I'm feeling bored so I'll take some more cause nothing is happening..." - Hurt 'Overdose'

Her eyes are as empty as the winters sky,

Heart bound by a cage of snow,

Lips turned down in mild disgust,

She can't feel any more, you know?

Body once rapt with life and heat,

Now cold and limp in a chair,

Fingers brushing through the mess,

That once was her glistening hair,

She once was beautiful and glorious,

She once could feel, you see,

She once resonated life and light,

She once had a personality,

Back before the breakdowns,

Before the medications, too,

The little plastic deaths that come in all colors,

Red, Beige, White and Blue,

She takes them by the handfuls,

Just like the doctor said,

But she has a tendency to take too many,

Just to see if she'll wind up dead,

Yes Russian Roulette with a pill bottle,

It's become her favorite game,

Downs them all with a bottle of Jack,

And hopes to God she doesn't wake up ever again

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