Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Remember

I remember when the
song of crickets had been silenced since
the fifteenth of September,
And the ground froze to a
shiny crunch in the dancing
beams of sunlight as the twilight
of the day evanesced into night,
I remember how your shy smile
crept onto your cheeks that looked
like a blooming rose of summer,
And how your olive eyes watched my
glossy mouth as it curled around the tip
of a snow-white cigarette,
I remember how your lips felt pressed
like curious fingertips of the blind - desperate
and trying to read the goosebumps of my skin like braille,
And how the bedroom always reeked
of our scents together, mixed like gin and tonic,
Or how you snaked yourself around my ligaments -
lips and hands smearing the sugary crystals of
moisture that had formed on my body as you
impaled me over and over,
I remember how I would have lied for you,
Died for you,
Given up anything for you,

Most of all, I think I remember
how when miles and winter crept
like branches of ivy between were gone...

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