Thursday, June 7, 2012

You must have smiled at her,
The smile I always thought was meant for me,
Must have laced your fingers into the web of her hair,
Must have poisoned her mind with your venomous lies,
You must have caressed her,
Palms splayed like stars,
Spanning the breadth of her skin,
Yes, yes...
You must have done all of those things,
When you smiled,
She must have smiled back,
Must have woven magic into your brain,
Must have smelled the way you always swore that I did,
Intoxicating you,
Bewitching you,
Did I not enchant you anymore, love?
Was I, once again, never good enough?
Did my eyes no longer hold beauty?
Did my smile no longer light up my face?
Did my hands feel cold?
Did my kiss feel numb?
Was I no longer the muse?
Or did I touch a place too painful in you?
Did I break the scab of a wound that gushed fear?
Did I get too close for comfort baby?
Since you were going to leave me for the ugliest whore on the corner,
I hope that I did...
I hope I broke something within your soul that can never be fixed,
For love,
You have done the very same to me...

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