Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumnal Reminiscing

I stare off into the distance, 
mind floating away from me 
like a gown unravelling - leaving 
threads to billow off on the breeze of 
an autumn day, 

& I think of you, 

I always do at this time of year
I believe, 
& there is nothing I could say that would make me
justify or understand my cognitive 
cycling back to you and our past 
days together, 

Especially since we swore to stay in Wonderland 
with one another, 
Never leave the other alone, 
But then when a yellow brick road 
miraculously paved itself 
before you - you clicked your heels three 
times and were gone, 

& I was still there with my Cheshire smile 
painted on my face, 

& though I tried to invite you back to 
a "better" and "nicer" version of tea - you 
didn't ever seem as satisfied as you did before, 

The teacakes were stale and 
the Earl Grey scalded the roof 
of your mouth, 
But we still tried to suffer through, 
did we not? 

Alas, the day finally came 
when the pages of your life 
and mine - were no longer 
written together as part of the same 

& so I ripped myself from the binding 
of your world to search for a new book 
in which to attach myself, 

& finally, all this time later, 
I think I have finally found it, 
& truly, I wondered if I would stay 
in Wonderland forever, alone, but no,

For it was not a yellow brick road
that rolled out before me but, rather, 
a red carpet, 

& somehow I became Cinderella 
and somehow I found a Prince, & yes, 
parts of me still wonder if I will be able to hold onto this 
or if I will slip back into Wonderland when the 
clock strikes midnight, 

But truly, darling, who cares anymore? 

Or at least, who cares right now? 

Not I. 

No - I am in Merry Old England, 
sitting in a house that overlooks the Sea, 
crusted with glorious, swirled red cliffs, and 
a shoreline dotted with tiny cafes that serve 
fish n' chips & tap water with no ice unless 
asked, specifically, 

& in front of that sits a patchwork 
quilt of fields, flecked white with 
tiny bits of sheep in the distance & 
apple trees & a kitchen hosting
toast & jam & bowls of fruit & jars of honey, 

Yes - you are happy in the Emerald City with 
the Wizard & I am happy as Virginia with Leonard, 
so really, we all lived happily ever after - & the teacakes 
are moist and the tea is fabulous... 


  1. our lives weave in and out of each other, sometimes for a time, others for long or shorter---some partingas are harder than others as well...and they all leave the moment though its harder to see that one day we might have a happily ever after beyond the pain of the parting.

  2. I REALLY enjoyed this poem, Kitty. I do wonder sometimes how many 'happily ever afters' a person has to go through before they do find the real 'happily ever after' on the yellow brick road through life. And sometimes it IS interesting to reflect on past relationships, isn't it....and realize perhaps that without them one would not have been at the place one is today. In heaven, with all right with the world, just as it is! I just loved the way you wove this poem. It will stay with me for a while!

  3. P.S. Following your blog as of today.

    1. Mary - thank you so much! I followed you in return. Hope that's alright! :)

  4. You have woven a strong story in this poem Kitty! I like how you have used older tales to create new meaning. Beautiful evocation of England too.

  5. You have brought out the pain of being left behind beautifully. I loved this poem.

  6. i love the story..the images and the reminiscing.. autumn does that to people ;)

  7. Lovely poem, so emotive. I do think that we learn and grow in each relationship even after it ends ... it enriches the next one. Thank you for your nice comments on my NYC photos at the Poets United pantry :)

  8. lovely, i found myself enchanted, back in the realm of fairy tales that have their ups & downs but in the end, come good, come true - you have a gift when it comes to weaving a story into poetry

  9. This is truly wonderful! So rich in images and emotions--really loved this!

  10. Beautiful Kitty... wonderful imagery... and this is just one more stop on an unfolding adventure for you.

  11. OH! MY! GODDESS! I do so love a story that turns out just like this!!!!!! A fabulous tale, written so well. YAY!

  12. I was so very engaged by this all the way through. I liked that way it changed structurally as it unfolded as if to demonstrate the underlying subject matter of changing lives and relationships structurally as well. And the intermingling of familiar tales furthers that demonstration. A wonderful piece you can be proud of having authored.

  13. I like this fairytale take on relationships.....well written!