Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bleeding Love

Deep within your smouldering midnight eyes,
Way down into your white-hot core,
I beg to be lost forever,
Wrapped up along with the passion of your soul,
That dances,
Eloquently, yet without reservation, wild-eyed in the full moon,

That fiery hunger,
So fiercely ingrained in your very bloodstream,
That it shot through me like a sterling bullet,
Leaving me, bleeding beautifully, upon this empty dance floor,
With lips that are dripping my quietest kept secrets,
Like crimson liquid oozing from my pumping heart,
That beats so brokenly for you,

And here I lay,
Begging for you to cease it's petulant pounding,
For with every miserable pulse it screams, "I love you!"
Causing it to fall from my mouth again, against my will,
Defying me!
...and there is nothing I can do...
Yet you simply gaze downward at me and smile impishly,
With your smouldering eyes that have me,
So gleefully lost within your entrapment,
That I almost forget,
I am still bleeding to death on the floor....


  1. This is really good. I have a feeling I know who this is about but won't mention names... Anyway, your writing is fabulous!! Love you, KK

  2. LOL - It is not about Dave. It's just about my wishing for someone who would love me forever. Lol. Thank you babe! I love you!

  3. i enjoyed reading this alot.
    ive read so many poems comparing love to suffering and bleeding(ive even written one myself using that metaphor) and i usualy find the whole blood/love thing a bit cliched.
    however,this one kkept me interested right through.
    i particularily like the final stanza and last 2 lines.
    very well done,youve got alot of talent

  4. Thanks Paul. :] I read through some of your things and when I get a chance will most definitely comment. I liked what I saw very much. :]

  5. Thanks alot for reading my poetry, i dont get much feedback so it means alot that you commented.
    Ive read your new poems but its late over here and im exhausted, so il comment tommorow
    keep up the good work