Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Last Goodbye

I lie still and silent,
Six feet from the crumpled grass on which you stand,
Sobbing and sucking the tears down your throat,
Inhaling cold wind that is breaking your heart as though it were blown glass,
That in return is breaking mine as well,
Even though it has ceased to beat and thrive with life,
My breath has been caught by the skilled hand of death,
Pulled from between my frozen lips,
& Out of my petrified lungs,
Now, here I lay forever, beneath you,
Beneath your sobbing, shaking body that convulses,
Your soul twisting in on itself,
The way my soul twisted in on me in the last days that I breathed,
You curse the sky for taking me away,
Curse me for allowing it to do so,
& in through your tearful goodbye I whisper to you,
That I apologize fully,
But I had to protect you from me,
But I do not think you hear,
As you walk away, back into your life and leave me here,
To lie beneath nothing but the pellets of rain

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