Wednesday, October 27, 2010


*This was written during a psychotic episode*

Dearest friend of mine for so long,
Why are you watching my untimely demise?
As I shatter the pale & icy flesh of my wrists,
Splintering the tiny indigo branches trapped below,
You gaze on into an eternity that I can only dream about,
I have drawn this ending in storybook fashion,
My pen, the tip of this blade,
As it glides from page to page like streaming blood from one precious wound,
One perfectly placed cherry sash,
Wrapped around my storybook in dignified array,
Reminding all those who touch it, why it is so short,
The slow drip-drip has finally given way to the constant spray,
Of my red-hot passion as it drips slowly and happily,
Into a basin of warm water at my side,
But soon, Death,
You will be the only one to hear it,
For I am slipping under the surface of consciousness,
Down deep into the muffled hum of eternal sleep,
Thoughts evade my troubled mind,
Relief, sincerely sought after, found at last!
& I can feel nothing but your arms around me, as we slip off into that eternity,
That I could only ever dream about, until now...
Dearest friend of mine for so long,
Why did you watch my untimely demise?


  1. Another anguished poem. Well written and dramatic. You write so well. I wish it were enough to keep you well. I only hope you begin to get better. Don't ever forget I am always here for you. If you need me all you ever have to do is call or come over- you are always invited!

  2. Thank you sister! I loves you! :)