Friday, August 3, 2012


I remember you and
the way you clung to the
pillowed split of my lips some
nights, some empty, hopeless
nights, like salt to the rim of
a glass

I remember the feeling of
your hair tangled around
my fingers, snagging and
catching in the cracks of
my nails

The feeling of your
flesh, so hot, that it
burned the sickness
clean out of my soul

I never, never knew,
not even for a moment,
that you would ever leave,
not once

You were supposed to be 
Prince Charming, weren't you? 
Supposed to be Mr. Right and 
not just another Mr. Right Now?
Weren't you supposed to be 

    " The One" ... ?  

Wasn't there supposed to be some
magnificent declaration of your
love spinning and glittering
on my finger? White tulle drowning
my fears to their eternal death?

Weren't you supposed to prove
to me that you loved me above all else?
Adored me above all else?
Needed me above all else?

But you never did

Just took your sarcophagi
tongue and entombed me
in the mausoleum of your
words forever...

& I lie, rotting in here,
wandering from wall to wall,
up and down the stairs of
this miserable cage, dead roses in
hand, ragged and stinking of
every death except the kind I
desperately crave - physical...

I am a ghost
Trapped here for the rest
of my eternity
& you are gone, finally,
off to the mountains, or the
beach or some hole in the wall
where another empty-eyed,
broken hearted woman sits,
waiting for the man who
appears to be "Prince Charming

I hope you brought your white
horse, you bitch, because if I ever
get out of this tomb...I'm going to
kill you and bury you in it myself...

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