Sunday, August 12, 2012

Remember Me

I'm speaking to you,
Do you hear me?
Have you ever?
Or am I just the ghost,
Reminiscent and left over from an old life,
Where we were happy,
Do you hear me?

When I scream at night,
Do you hear me?
Or does it come as the vapor of
a sound?
Just enough to stir you from sleep,

& then do you look around,  
As if something might be missing?
What was it though?

A half-lucid thought,
No real importance to it,
You shrug it off & succumb
to the cold, deep ocean of sleep,

Dreaming of everything you love,
But I loved you,
Am I in your dreams?
Will I ever be? 
Was I ever?

I want to know that you have not forgotten me,
That I still linger like a memory,
Deep in the back of your brain,
Someday, when you least expect it,
A smile, a song, an object,
Will rip me to the forefront of your head,
& you will smile & remember me,
Who I was,
& that I loved you  

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