Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Into a cold blue morning your blade crashes,
Driven deep into the fabric of the sky,
Splitting it's satiny sheen in half and letting me see things I never wanted to,
Leaving me to search again in your eyes for truths,
Truths of affection that simply don't exist,

The once decadent milk-chocolate lust that eminated from your eyes,
Is now nothing more than a dark chocolate hate,
Bubbling and burning in toxic acidity,
Beneath the surface of your epidermis,
As cold to the touch as your heart,

I poise myself upon the sofa, waiting for you to come back from your internal wars,
Dredging up the ghosts of the closet that's been locked for so long,
That the deadbolt has rusted and broken off,
Praying to God that for once, just once,
You could gaze upon me as if you still liked me again,

But, alas, you do not,
And I wait in the foyer of your world,
Like the patient in the Doctor's office,
Hoping soon to hear the call of her name,
Signaling her chance to be seen,

1 comment:

  1. I love your poetry!! But my advice (wanted or not) quit waiting for you know who. You are beautiful and if you feel like you are waiting for a certain person to validate who you are then stop because that certain someone should be happy to even have you in their presence. You are an amazing friend. You really shouldn't hang out so much with "needy" people, LOL!! I love you, girl. Your writing ROCKS!!!