Monday, September 7, 2009

trying to write

Complacency has come to replace my once tattered thoughs,
That drifted down onto your face, your smile, your essence,
Rushing over and drowning my fears of the absolution that will never come,
Slowly bringing me to the realization that you are as stone-cold as river rocks,

That have been smoothed away and polished by the rapids,
That nearly drowned me in your fantasy world that you've made,
Drowned my will to fly a moment too late,
I have taken off, taken to the sky, where you cannot reach me,

Cannot infect my soul with hypothermia of a new kind,
You are losing me, never really had me, never really will,
I have labored and sweated with the fever in my heart,
Dripping everything but hope from the pores on my skin,

Just another self-infatuated rendezvous is what you've become,
Just another almighty indigo sky littered with stars above,
That came to call on my eyes once darkness fell,
Because we both were left alone, forgotten by the rest of the world,

Giving up on you was the tourniquet to this wound,
That poured and flooded the blood from my veins,
Seeping the last of my decency with it, my beauty,
Leaving me just a corpse in my own right,

And though I'm ugly now and useless and no good,
At least I'm still alive,
Heart beating through the death of our love,
That finally let me say goodbye,


  1. This is quite well written yet again, there's some very nice imagery here that help to carry across your emotions.
    For example the images of the river rocks and the corpse stand out alot and grab the reader.
    I noticed one or two spelling mistakes and perhaps one too many commas but aside from that it's extremely well written, keep it up