Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flying High

I'm sitting high above the city streets,
Far away from where you could ever reach,
The wind blows cold and colder in my face,
Stained with tears that have fallen into perfect place,
I see the top of the world above,
Where I always thought I'd have everything I want,
The office at the top of the tower of gold,
Children and a little dog at home,
But now I see how it will never be,
And more tears fall down far to where I'll soon be,
If they could all only see me now,
They would know I was serious somehow,
Instead they sit safe, alone at home,
Drowning out the great unknown,
& I'm on top of this ledge of ivory,
Standing tall for everyone to see,
A stirring down below attracts a crowd,
& I know they've finally found me out,
I hear sirens, the screaming of my impending fate,
& noone down there even knows my name,
Look at me, you can't ignore me now at all,
Watch me fly to death, watch me fall


  1. This is my favorite poem you have written since I have met you. This is amazing!!! I wish I could write at all right now. I'm so jealous of you!!! Love you, girl!!

  2. Lol thank you! :D I love you too! Im sure youll get your writing groove back, girl, hang in there! I LOVE U!