Saturday, May 15, 2010

Post-Suicide Letter #2

I saw you in your kitchen,
I knew why you were there,
The only one who loved me,
The only one who cared,
I saw the cocktail of drugs,
Resting neatly in your palm,
Screamed at you to stop this madness,
But you were too far gone,
I watched you take them all,
With a bottle of Merlot,
Saw the razor glide through your tender flesh,
Through the little Sapphire veins below,
Watched you stagger, drunkenly,
Into a shower hot and steamy,
Hang yourself upon the pipe above,
Your eyes growing dark and sleepy,
I watched your face grow pale and cold,
While my own was drenched in tears,
I would have saved you if I could,
If you would have only known I was near,
When your breathing stilled to nothing,
Your heart it ceased to beat,
I watched you step out of your shell,
You looked like you were finally at peace,
But when I spoke your name,
You didn't see me or the skies of blue,
Instead you wandered off into the shadowy realm,
& that's where I've followed you to,
I'm trying so hard to reach you,
Only letters can I send,
Perhaps this is how we will communicate,
Until the end of the very end....


  1. Wow, this is amazing. I love it. Perhaps this is how we will communicate until the "very end". Love you and stay tuned for my response. <3

  2. haha will do! :D I wait with anticipation!