Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Triple Suicide

My veins are finally dripping themselves dry,
& I can almost see the other side,
I'm almost free from my evil mind,
I'm leaving this hellish asylum behind,
Where they locked me away for going insane,
From fighting the realities of the ritualistic mundane,
I found out my bedsheets would rip easily in two,
& the pipe in the ceiling is where I tied them to,
Lunchtime was as pleasant as it could be,
I stole the head Nurse bitch's keys,
Went into the breakroom when no one was around,
Rummaged and searched and finally found,
A knife with edges that were beautifully serrated,
& A bottle of Xanax to make me perfectly sedated,
Then I scrambled back to my padded little room,
Counted my pills - there were fifty-two,
Gulped them down all in a single swallow,
Finally thankful there's no miserable tomorrow,
Double checked my noose to make sure it would hold,
Placed it on my throat and dreamed of going home,
Sat for a second and admired the glittering blade,
Slit from elbow to wrist & things began to fade,
Kicked the chair out from under me and felt the noose pull,
I think I hear them coming but it'll be too ......

1 comment:

  1. Very, very sad! You are no aloud to die without me. So read my response to your triple suicide. I love you!!