Monday, September 27, 2010

Volatile Love

Beneath a hunters moon,
We entwined together in a point,
Of fiery confluence,
The darkness drawing from us our ragged breaths,
And beneath the same moon,
We spilled our souls in a fatal hope,
That begged understanding and acceptance,
From the other,
The yellow sphere reflecting inside,
Of your hazel eyes,
Hid something darker,
Than the velveteen sky itself,
My own secrets bled beneath my sleeves,
Running down my arms,
From a spirit that could crack,
But never fully break,
Engrossed in a volatile love,
You swirled in my mind,
Like a drug injected into my veins,
I gripped your shoulders in the dark,
Lipstick and sweat, smearing,
Over pale white skin,
That steamed in the heavy silence,
You belonged to me,
My own personal demon-wolf,
Who howled to the glittering moon,
& raced the black ravens home,
Then, as if by sick fate,
Our conjoined river split,
Rushing rapids both headed for the cliff,
Where it would spill over into oblivion,
Something became ill and wrong,
As you placed violent eyes upon my flesh,
Licked your chops,
& then kissed my cheek with your fist,
The scent of blood rose on the wind,
Signaling to all of the others that paradise,
Was forever lost,
As we had become feral and sadistic,
The morning bashed itself upon us,
After fighting to the death all night long,
Showing the depth of blood splattered all around,
Sprayed all down the walls and floors,
You slept, sound in another corner,
Teeth still bared, dreaming of combat,
No longer mine,
No longer sane,
So into the thicket I fled,
Limping with my wounds,
Still seeping fresh crimson,
Never to return to you again

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  1. Very vivid imagery! Interesting poem. I liked this one!!