Monday, June 29, 2009


A black velvet sky,
Splashed filthy with glittering stars,
Hangs softly above the satin sheen,
Of your alluring eyes,
That gaze into my core, ripped open for you,
As if I could hide anyways,


You never miss a trivial thing about me,
Frightening and intriguing all at one time,
I scrambled in fear,
Searching for a place to hide,
Like the fox running from the hound in need of prey,
Behind thoughts, desires, expressions, and words,
Placed oh so perfectly in condescending order,
But you saw through the brush of my lies,
Right down deep into my hiding place,
I feel stripped, naked, bare...
Reeling from the delirium in my head,
This newfound freedom caused me to run and race and trip and fall,
Swirling and twirling down into a cosmic suction of,
The black hole where I am now...
Where you are...
With the black velvet sky hanging so far beyond those satin eyes of yours...


  1. This is amazing. Your poetry is better with every word you write. This one flows so well and the words are strung together perfectly like those "holiday lights". You are amazing, girl!! You are also my best friend in the entire Universe and I loves you. <3 K