Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work in Progress...

And I,
I’m still alive,
Just like the tears you never cried,
And I,
I should have died,
My self righteous suicide,
And you,
You’re just a ghost,
And my soul is your only host,
And I,
I keep you here,
Locked up with all my fears,
But if,
If you would only see,
How much you meant to me,
Then I,
I think that I,
Would have been alright I believe,
And now,
Now I’m hiding myself away,
Inside of a dismal fate,
Don’t you,
Don’t you see?
I’m waiting for you here within the snow covered trees,
And I,
I wait for you here,
Within the land of dreams,
Of love,
Love and nighttime screams,

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