Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pretty Girl Suicide

Do you remember me?
The one with tainted dreams
The girl that never makes a sound
But inside she screams and screams
Her heart it left her vacant
And her smile she has to fake it
Trying to keep up the lie
That convinces people she can make it
They never see her world
That turns and twists and whirls
The one that holds her, shattered
Like the other little girls
I’m the teenage drama queen
I puke my soul up for self esteem
You’ll never see how I really feel
Just how I want to seem
I sold all my tomorrow’s
Drowned my talents in sorrow
Held my breath while overdosing
And dreamed of not waking in the morrow
I screamed a silent rose
Bled beneath my clothes
But you only looked and never saw
I guess it’s what you chose
You took me to a shrink
While my hope began to shrink
Made me spill my sickness out
To be told I was missing some links
So now I’m sitting here
Telling you my dear
That I hope you someday wake up
But I’m not going to be here
Got a pretty rope
Hang me up with hope
Dry my veins of pain tonight
Does anyone care?
Nope.. .

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