Monday, June 29, 2009

Venus' Doom

A perfect cerulean morning,
The liquid-white of the clouds, so aimless in the sky,
In perfect contrast with the burnt-black of your putrid heart,
The faux amorous lies that have fallen so honey-sweet from your pillowy lips,
And like an infection, incurable,
You have seeped into the foolish little veins,
The foolish little veins that I so love,
Nearly disintegrating them into ashes,
Causing them to begin to float away upon a billowy summer's wind,
With childlike petulance I have chased them,
Found every one of Humpty-Dumpty's pieces, and have sewn him together again,
Placing Dorothy back in Oz,
And now that Michelangelo's Venus is beautiful once more,
Glowing brilliantly with youthful radiance,
I am slowly watching your lustful, cheap eyes gaze upon it with that familiar desire,
The one that singes and scorches everything in the wake of it's touch,
But keep watching, bitch,
Your bordello called,
They need their whore back...


  1. About whom is this? You sound angry at her.

  2. In a way I suppose you could say I am. She was just a whore from the past.

  3. I love it! You expressed your anger very well. You expressed it in such a healthy way instead of the other ways we know how... Keep writing baby girl!! I love this and you are brilliant! ~k