Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hopelessly Addicted

I have become addicted to your kiss,
The velvet satin of your eyes,
As they wash over my burning flesh,
That is dripping wet for you,

Don't you realize?

I am intoxicated with the very drug of you,
Always needing my next fix,
Praying, Pleading,
No longer bleeding,
Can't I have just one more hit?

The way you touch me inside,
This world no longer feels real,
Digging my nails into bare flesh, black sheets,
The screams I can't conceal,

The weight of your body against me,
Your hands that grip my wrists,
I'm screaming your name more loudly,
With each powerful thrust of your hips,


So Supernova!
Glitter blinding my world,
My eyes,

Everything is hazy now around me...

As I fall the sound....of your sighs....